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1. Why Blue Plus SCR solution has no NH3 smell?

The freshly manufactured SCR solution is odorless.
But the increasing temperature & prolonged storage leads to outgasing of ammonia and reducing the solution concentration, which NH3 has pungent smell and is toxic. The market proximity to the manufacturing plant is the key to the superior product quality.

2. What is the difference for the SCR solution used for different diesel vehicles?

SCR solution is good for all Euro IV, Euro V & Euro VI diesel vehicles with SCR system.

3. What is the difference between Adblue & SCR solution?

SCR solution = Adblue = AUS 32
All of them must comply with ISO22241
The product name of Adblue & SCR solution are common used in Europe & Asia respectively.

4. What is ISO22241 or DIN70070

5. What types of packing are available?

6. Why select Blue Plus as your local SCR solution partner?

Blue Plus has a manufacturing plant in HK, so we can ensure all the re-used containers (especially IBC) have been properly cleaned before refilling. We can offer preventive maintenance services for cleaning your dispensing system

7. Can we use tap water or detergent to clean the containers & dispensing system?

Due to the high quality requirement stated in ISO22241, so NO tap water or detergent can be used for preventing product contamination.
Only DI water or SCR solution can be used for cleaning propose.

8. Why SCR but not EGR?

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