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Vehicle/indoor air optimization

Use state-of-the-art nanotechnology for air optimization engineering.

The smell of the carriage is likely to be caused by mold. Three conditions for the growth of bacteria and mold: Warm, moist and nutrient source Ozone treatment: Sterilization, dry cleaning and no sensitization Must be done regularly, it is recommended once a month.

Air conditioning system: Accumulation of cold air duct Use special pipe cleaning tools Remove buildup from pipes Must be done regularly, recommended every three months Air filter Use multi-function nano HEPA filter Close to hospital level sterility requirements Filtering particles, volatile organic compounds Kill bacteria and viruses Must be cleaned or replaced regularly, it is recommended once every three months.

Surface treatment in the compartment Bacteria and viruses can survive for hours if they are attached to certain surfaces Bacteria and viruses will die almost immediately if they are not attached to any surface. Nano-bacterial coating Nano-coating effectively prevents bacteria and viruses from attaching Effectively kill bacteria and viruses No side effects

Personal and environmental health protection

Production of a new generation of mosquito repellent spray. Develop and produce a new generation of patented nano-bacteria/virus coatings

Acting automotive related products

Multi-purpose car air-conditioning HEPA filter and car energy-saving products.

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