Blue Plus > Green Air

Blue Plus is a HK based company focuses on SCR solution supply & related technical support. Blue Plus has a mission to support Blue Sky & Green Air to our society, by providing superior quality products & quick delivery to our customers. Our SCR solution (also known as Adblue / AUS32/ DEF) are fully complied with ISO22241. Our management team used to supply & support the major bus fleet in HK, Singapore & Australia. Our technical director is experienced in managing chemical & pharmaceutical production plants.

AQHI (Air Quality Health Index)

For the overcrowded & busy streets in HK, diesel vehicles such as trucks, buses and light buses are the main source for the air pollutants, e.g. particulates and nitrogen oxides. Blue Plus is closely monitoring the AQHI in HK & is working to provide a green air for living.

Made in Hong Kong

Blue Plus is the only company has manufacturing plant in HK, so all of our SCR solution is made in HK with highest quality and utmost reliability. Blue Plus HK plant stands out from other trading companies in term of using highest grade of urea raw material, better than Grade 1 DI-water, excellent work force, IBC cleaning capability, instant delivery & local internal test lab. Blue Plus further verifies the product quality by using SGS, the most famous international test laboratory.