Services - Automobile environmental waste gas treatment

Blue Plus provides multi-packaging and accessories to customers hence to increase the efficiency, more convenience and higher precision. Please see below :

10L in Bottle

10L Bottles are available in most of the Esso Petrol Station. It is easy to carry & refill it into Adblue tank. To minimize solid waste to our society, we are running Bottle Recycling program, detailed please check with our retail outlets


Famous Italy PIUSI IBC Pump set, it includes Adblue pump, nozzle and flow meter. It can be centre-suction or bottom suction to suit your application. Flow rate up to 32L/min.

200L in Drum

200L Drums are particular suitable for small fleet and service centers. It occupies very little space & allows you to refill the solution without mechanical lifting. Drum trolley, hand pump or electrical pump are available to suit your need.

PIUSI Drum Pump Set

Famous Italy PIUSI Drum Pump set, it includes Adblue pump & nozzle. Auto-nozzle, flow meter & trolley are optional to suit your application. Flow rate up to 32L/min.

1000L in IBC

1000L IBCs are suitable for medium fleet & distribution centers. Normally, it will equip with electrical pump set to make the filling process effortless. The IBC is designed for multi trip reuse, so proper IBC cleaning is a critical to prevent contamination. Blue Plus should be the ONLY company in HK can do the proper IBC cleaning. (Warning: Tap water Cleaning IS NOT ALLOWED)

Bulk Tank

The Bulk Tanks are suitable for large fleet and filling station. Different sizes of the Bulk Tank are available to suit your application, from 4,000L to 10,000L. The bulk tank is Plug-and-Play design and can be installed outdoor. Blue Plus offers professional service of solution filling into Bulk Tanks.

Flow Meter

Making more precision of injected volume, flow meter will control the pump function to stop the refill. It is fully automatic and hence time saving to user.


It is special make as we cannot use the general nozzle. It is quite different because such nozzle only work in adblue tank.


Powerful mosquito repellent spray.

Contains no DEET ingredients.

WHO recommends new mosquito repellent ingredient Picaridin

Effectively prevent dengue, Zika, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, and more.

12 hours long-lasting.

High safety, no harm to the skin, and will not damage clothes and plastic.

Can be used by pregnant and new born babies.

BP handsanitizer.jpeg
Moisturising Instant Hand Sanitizers

Contain Ethanol, DI-Water, Glycerin, Carbomer 940, TEA and Urea with fresh favor. 

Gentle in nature and effective to kills germs.  Suitable for all ages

Blue Plus intelligent disinfection spray cart


Atomization volume: ~ 4L / hour

Disinfection time: ~ 1 minute for 400 square feet

Net weight: 18kg

Dimensions: 44x30x84 cm (length x width x height)

Power: 300W

Dual power supply mode: 220V or lithium battery

Use time: fully charged ~ 2 hours

Safe protection:

i) When the battery is fully charged and discharged, it will automatically power off

ii) Automatically shut down when there is no water supply

Blue Plus disinfectant.jpg

Blue Plus disinfectant

Antimicrobial efficiency: 99.9%

Safety: No benzene ring, no carcinogens, decomposition of harmful substances

Convenient: Can be used directly without dilution

Scope of application: Material surface, clothes, ground, walls, rooms, air,… etc.

Capacity: 5 liters

How to use: General items can be disinfected with watering can

Performance will be better if combine use of Blue Plus Intelligent disinfection spray cart